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Installed granite is no mere rock, it’s a statement about a way of life. Granite offers more than just a place to set your keys or prepare a meal, it sets the tone for way you want to start your day and how you want to feel when you come home. It’s relaxing to be around beauty, and granite’s refined and yet simple appeal offers that beauty in spades. 

Welcome to Granite Gravitas, our new biweekly blog where we believe that sharing – and sometimes waxing poetic for a bit about granite – is caring. We’re launching this new feature to share beauty, inspiration, function, care and intriguing project ideas with those who are seeking to install granite, who love the granite they already have or who are just interested in the inspiration granite has to offer. In short, if you’ve dropped by here, you’re probably looking for the information and/or ideas we’re here to share.

In the coming weeks and months, you can expect to find all kinds of juicy tidbits explaining the why and how of granite work. We’ll be sharing inspiring design ideas from across the web and from the projects we have the pleasuring of undertaking. We will be talking everything from local history to interior design.

We believe that granite is one of the most impactful ways to better your home or business, and we specialize in helping you make that impact. We’re making it easy for you to find the ideas and to get the best information about granite and how to include it in your spaces.

Stick with the Granite Gravitas Blog for ideas and inspiration from the people who know granite best!

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