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The Kansas City Granite Installation Process

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Custom granite installation is usually only undertaken by the professionals, and with good reason. Getting granite made right that fits a given space is a challenge, and the pros use a lot of specialized tools to cut it properly and get it fitted into your home.

Unlike precut granite, custom granite has to be fitted appropriately to the space before we can start the installation. This doesn’t happen on site, it happens at our facility where the heavy machinery required to cut the stone resides. What does happen at your home or business is a process called “templating.” Essentially, we make a mold of the space where the granite going to reside, but we make it out of wood so we know exactly where to cut it and what shape it needs to be.

The wood pieces look like picture frames and show us what size slabs we need to have made back at our shop. We then get the granite that you choose from our warehouse and move it to the shop for cutting. The granite is then marked appropriately using the template as a guide, and specialized saws with diamond-tipped blades are used to cut the actual granite. While granite can be but by hand, this process is much easier and much safer than hand cutting, plus there is much less risk of damage to the finished, and very impressive, stone when using machine cutting.

Some parts actually have to be cut by hand, like places for sinks and other oddly shaped holds in the top. This is also why you want to work with those experienced in granite work, when they do have to do cutting by hand, you can be sure that they’re not going to make a mistake!

Once each piece is cut out individually, we carefully load up the heavy stone and return to the home or business where it is to be installed. We remove the countertops or other structures that are being replaced by granite, and then permanently affix the granite tops to the solid structure (usually wood in the case of countertops). A vacuum device is used to seal the slab segments together permanently, with the grain in the same direction so it’s difficult to tell where the joints are located.

Finally, a sealer is applied to the whole piece and allowed to dry. With everything now in place, the installation is finished – after we put back all of the appliances and drawers!

And that’s how a rock goes from being a slab of minerals to the centerpiece of your kitchen, living room or bathroom! Call us today for help adding some gravitas to your interior and exterior spaces!

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